Thinking about choosing right eyeframe

It is not always the style that determines the proper Eyeframe for your eyes however the shape of your face & the colour of your skin are also vital facets to be thought of. Use these following tips to boost the look of your face.

  • A round face with round glasses will look rounder whereas a square or an oblong eyeframe will balance your features by making it appear slimmer.
  • A square face with angles and a strong jawline would look slimmer with oval or round eyeglasses.
  • An oval face will look smart in walnut shaped eyeframes that are not too narrow not that deep whereas massive frames spoil the symmetry of the face.
  • A heart-shaped face with broad forehead appears perfect either in round or square eyeglasses that balance the breadth of the forehead. The frame ought to be a little broader than your forehead for a decent fit.
  • A diamond-shaped face is a little rare type however with lens frames wider than cheekbones such as cateye or oval glasses accentuates the cheekbones.

Considering correct size and shape of eyeframes which compliments your looks than compromising is a significant part of choosing an eyeframe. Like the shape of face choosing an eyeframe in line with skin tone is another prime element in determining the colour of the frame. Typically, the skin tone falls into two shades.

A warm skin tone includes those with golden yellow, peach or cream cast whereas a cool skin tone includes blue or pink undertones. The best eyeframe colours for individuals with warm skin complexion are gold, beige, olive green and for cool skin tones, silver and jewel tones, mauve, and grey are a lot appropriate.

Whether you wish to stick to those rule for finding a suitable one or want to appear unique by breaking these rules Len2Home caters the necessity of each eyeframe hunter.